Trunk Di Chaabi


Visual Storytelling

My contribution to Bystander for the Web by Kadak Collective. This visual story tells the real life tale of my grandfather's struggle with Dementia.

You can read the story on Bystander Website.
Thanks to Mira Malhotra and Akhila Krishnan for helping me editing and art direction.


The Bystander anthology, led by the Kadak Collective, is a compilation of comic and graphic narratives designed for both print and web. It delves into the realms of geography and gender, identity and self, boundaries and exclusion, all through the perspective of the bystander. Each of the artists in this anthology has contributed a varied set of rumination on the theme, highlighting different emotions and insights. I am honoured to have been chosen as an artist to contribute artwork to the web anthology specifically centred around the theme of 'Borders'.


I chose to tell the real-life tale of my grandfather, a man suffering from the rigours of old age. As his dementia advanced to its pinnacle, his most cherished memories gradually faded away, leaving behind only a single enduring recollection. To a puzzled bystander, he is an old man with an odd habit. Through this story, I tried to unlock the mystery of my grandfather's fixation, exploring trauma, childhood, and experiences that shape us, through animated GIFS and grunge typewriter art, hinting at a not-so-pleasant past.


I explored various styles of visuals based on the feelings I believed my grandfather was going through. s dementia often entails the loss of words, recognition, and memories, the typewriter art style resonated with the essence of this theme. Moreover, it provided an opportunity to incorporate Shahmukhi, a Perso-Arabic alphabet script my grandfather used to use in his pre-dementia years. This particular style evoked a disconcerting yet heartfelt ambiance, precisely capturing the atmosphere I sought to convey in the story.



You can read the story on Bystander for Web.

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Want to work with me on your next project?
Get in touch with me via email at [email protected]
Want to work with me on your next project?
Get in touch with me via email at [email protected]