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Identity redesign for home builders from Austin, Texas. As their name says, they provide services from the design to execution i.e from form to finish.



‘Form to finish’ is a custom home building firm that focuses on building homes with good design, energy efficiency, durability, sustainability, performance, and superior indoor air quality. Their old visual identity lacked uniqueness, and they wanted a complete redesign once their firm reached scale and wider clientele.


For builders, the aesthetics and personality of their work matters a lot. Therefore, the client and I spent time making a mood-board based on their work to find the appropriate aesthetics. All the identity ideas were tallied with this mood-board. We also preserved their old brand colour, which had gained good equity.


Their brand name was interesting and it led us to the idea of creating a logotype with a visual pun. The word 'Form' was kept outlined, while 'Finish' is filled. We carried this visual language into the communication and merchandise, to create a distinct visual identity beyond the logo.


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Want to work with me on your next project?
Get in touch with me via email at [email protected]
Want to work with me on your next project?
Get in touch with me via email at [email protected]
Want to work with me on your next project?
Get in touch with me via email at [email protected]