Visual Identity design for PSL, a merger between two reputed Indian law firms.


Established in Autumn of 2017, PSL is a new law firm from India with its offices in New Delhi and Mumbai. 

The new company is the result of a merger between Pamasis Law Chambers, a boutique litigation and tax advisory firm established in 2012, and SanAd, founded in 2015 as a litigation and corporate advisory firm.

The primary reason behind the merger is that the two firms already have an existing working relationship and exceptional understanding that will help leverage their joint capabilities. The new firm PSL specialises in conflict resolution, arbitration, and corporate/commercial laws, intellectual property, antitrust and competition law, taxation, real estate, land and civil law. PSL plans to open offices in Chandigarh, Ahmedabad and other major cities.


The merger also demanded a new corporate identity to represent the ethos of both the brands while creating an amalgamated and unified identity. The challenge here was being respectful to established identities of both the law firms and using existing visual elements and metaphors in the new identity.

A new custom logotype for PSL was created using the pillar symbol from Pamasis logo in the alphabet P and a geometric S from SanAdlogo, shedding off all other un-necessary elements from their individual logos. This created a condensed logo that would give each party a sense of ownership. A tessellation of the pillar symbol has been weaved into a squarish arrangement for the brand pattern. The icons and other brand elements also follow the confident, dynamic and bold linear geometry of the logo and the brand pattern.

© Kawal Oberoi