Westhaven is a premier contractor and installer of energy-efficient residential and commercial Solar and Lennox systems in Northern California.The company is going to expand its operation across America and eventually across other Nations.

The key to winning over the competition is to be perceived as a superior, contemporary and a global brand while embracing its roots in spiritual inspiration that sets it apart. For such an important turning-point for the Company and Westhaven Brand, the work started by diving into the brief and deep understanding of Brand essence.

The Brand's essence lies in it's Nurturing & Well wishing personality that promises the audience that they shall be taken care of. The founders of the Company are inspired by Ancient symbol of Shree Chakra which symbolises Divine Power of Light which they correlate to the Solar Energy. Although spiritually inspired the founders wish to have a corporate outlook with a Mantra of Positivity in each brand touch-point.

The visual identity had to assure Brand's recognition as reliable, precise, positive, disciplined yet rooted, but also a contemporary and not an outmoded look, and thus the use of freshHues, Humanistic Sans Typeface & Geometric Form.