Visual Identity, Brand Language

Visual Identity design for a lifestyle brand based in Austin (Texas) promoting permaculture and sustainable living.

Mother earth encompasses within her a symbiotic relationship between everything that resides in her.

The air, water, soil, flora, fauna and humans, all interact with each other, and the way they interact with each other shapes the way the earth is. The identity was created in a way that represented this relationship between everything it holds within. Sustainable Humane earth, too, consists of many different areas of focus, all of which cooperate with each other to build a holistic community.

Since Sustainable Humane Earth mimics mother nature in terms of symbiotic relationships, and their acronym turns out to be S.H.E.(she), we saw it as a divine coincidence. Instead of referring to it as Sustainable Humane Earth or S.H.E, we decided that calling it  She would be more fitting, since nature and all things natural have a maternal feminine connotation associated with it, and personifies it.

A unified symbol was crafted from individual meaningful icons.