Comprehensive Prosthetics & Orthotics

Visual Identity, Environmental, Design language

Rebranding CPO as an enabler and restorer of ‘Movement’.

This project was completed during my tenure at NH1 Design, as a part of studio's design team. Please visit for details about the studio.

Founded in 2005, with clinics in 
USA and India – Comprehensive Prosthetics and Orthotics (CPO) has been helping patients by restoring mobility and quality of their lives. Through their fabrication lab, CPO specializes in providing affordable customized prosthetics & orthotic solutions based on the patients physical, technical and financial needs.

After 10 years of helping patients, 
as they were expanding their presence in India, they wanted to re-look at their visual 
and verbal language to further connect 
with their patients across borders. Our task was to design an identity that would establish the Brand as an enabler and restorer of ‘Movement’. To do this, we crafted a visual language that was based on motion by using ‘motion lines’ forming an arrow and a person. The idea? A person in motion.