I love my country. And I love Colours.
Swatch Bharat is my attempt to bring them together.

Each time I travel in this beautiful nation, I keep making a visual record of interesting colours, signs, symbols, motifs, interiors, murals and other things that catch my eye. I use these photographs to create colour swatches and palettes that serve as an inspiration for my Graphic Design practice. Finally, I decided to make the palettes public for others designers, artists, colour lovers, and creatives like you.

I would love to see what you create using them!
- Kawal Oberoi

With help from other amazing contributors

Ragini Siruguri

Visual Communication Designer.
Loves Desi Aesthetics.

Gaurav Sharma

Graphic Designer & Illustrator.
Loves travelling.

Hansraj Dochaniya

Fashion Photographer
Follows Indian Fashion.

Sukriti Sahni

Graphic Designer & Illustrator.
Loves Bollywood.

Siddharth Laheri

Graphic Designer & Photographer
Loves Indian Design Vernacular

Copyright © Kawal Oberoi, unless otherwise noted/credited. To request any of the images shown above, please mail me at thekawaloberoi@gmail.com with intended purpose/usage. For pictures in swatches sent by other creatives, please get in touch with them directly by clicking on their name on this page.